Breathworks Mindfulness Courses


My work as a Counsellor has always been informed by my practice as a Buddhist and the various Meditation methods I have learned along the way.  I trained with the University of the West of England as a CBT Practitioner and, along the way, began to find out about and practice Mindfulness.  It seemed to open very effective new doors for me as a Counsellor.  I then discovered that some Buddhist friends, Vidyamala Burch and Sona Fricker, were running Breathworks, an organisation based in Manchester who are passionate about providing courses and teacher training in mindfulness-based pain and illness management to help people change their lives and ease the suffering associated with pain, illness and stress. 

I trained for 3 years with Breathworks and was accredited as a Breathworks Mindfulness trainer in May 2014.  This Mindfulness training was life changing;  synthesising my personal practice as a Buddhist and taking my CBT and general Counselling practice into very exciting and new directions. `

I run occasional 8-week Mindfulness for Health or Mindfulness for Stress courses in Bristol alongside a co-Teacher, Cate Peel.  We are planning to run another course this Spring 2019 in South Bristol.  The cost will be by donation.  If you think you would be interested in attending this course please email: