Many people are finding the growing awareness and concern about Climate Change very stressful and difficult.  It can really help to chat to someone about this and I am offering free Climate Change support sessions to anyone who needs to talk it through.  email, call 07904 741524 or use the Contact page for more information.  

We are planning to resume our monthly Breathworks Mindfulness Practice Sessions, taught by Barry Hill and Cate Peel, accredited Breathworks Mindfulness teachers.   Watch this space.  Click here for details


My name is Barry Hill.  I have had a private Counselling Practice in South Bristol, UK for over 20 years.  My Practice is supported and inspired by over 10,000 hours of Counselling experience.

My Counselling draws inspiration from Breathworks Mindfulness for Stress and Health, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Relationship Coaching, Nonviolent Communication (NVC), the Time to Think work of Nancy Cline, Bereavement Counselling, Meditation and Buddhism as well as Person-centred and Integrative Counselling.  This Counselling website will give you information about my background and qualifications, how and where I work as a Counsellor, as well as the chance to download some writing about Mindfulness and related topics.  

My hourly fee for 2018 is £25ph - £35ph or £45ph depending on income. 
Relationship Counselling for couples is £35ph - £45ph or £55ph depending on income.
Fees can be discussed when we meet. 

After an initial period of weekly Counselling, it may be possible to offer an option to attend fortnightly to ease financial outlay.  The cost of fortnightly sessions would be negotiated.

Sometimes, lifting up the telephone or sending an enquiry email to a Counsellor is a major step toward caring for yourself and meeting your needs during upsetting or confusing times.  If you want to chat about Counselling or any of the other services you see here you can email, call 07904 741524 or use the Contact page.

Barry Hill - October 2011             
mobile:  07904 741524  
email:  enquiries@barry-hill-south-bristol-counselling.co.uk

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