Monthly Mindfulness Practice Sessions


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We are very happy to let you know that we are resuming our monthly Breathworks Mindfulness practice sessions, taught by Barry Hill and Cate Peel, accredited Breathworks Mindfulness teachers, and supported by Toni Wood, trainee Breathworks Mindfulness teacher. 

For a while we are going to try running these sessions on the last Friday evening of each month.  Of course, this will be fine for some and not for others, it is hard to meet all needs so very sorry if Friday evenings are not ok for you.

Our first sessions will be 7pm to 9pm Friday January 26th, then Friday February 23rd and Friday 23rd March (not the last Friday but avoiding Good Friday holiday) and last Fridays from then on, so you could make a note of these and future dates in your diaries then try to come regularly? 

With New Year in our sights, this is a great opportunity to get your year of Mindfulness Practice off to great start - so make a note of the dates!

Practicing Mindfulness and Meditation with others can really help keep motivated once a course has finished.  We have often been asked about organising a monthly practice session drop in class and have now decided to go ahead with this idea.

Practice sessions will be once a month. times and dates to be organised. 

The cost will be on a sliding scale between £5 (to meet the needs of students or those on concessions or minimum wage/benefits) up to £10 (if you are on a full wage).  Paying more than £5 supports those wanting to come to these sessions, but who are not earning very much.  Please choose what you are able to pay between these amounts.

These sessions will, initially, only be open to people who have attended a Mindfulness course or know how to Meditate.  They will not be suitable for people new to Mindfulness or Meditation.  They will be inspired by, and based on, the secular Breathworks Mindfulness approach.  The teacher is a Buddhist and Mindfulness is derived from Buddhism, so some relevant references to traditional eastern teachings are likely!  You don't have to be a Buddhist or want to be a Buddhist to attend these sessions or benefit fully from Mindfulness.

Each Practice session will usually include a mix of Mindfulness theory revision, group Practice Inquiries and several guided or unguided Mindfulness and Meditation sessions.  We can provide some mats, cushions, blocks, blankets etc. but it would be helpful if you can bring your own if you have them.  I will be teaching these sessions supported by Toni Wood, who is a Breathworks teacher in training who has helped out on the last two Mindfulness for Stress courses. 

If you know how to meditate or know about Mindfulness and would like the opportunity to join us for a practice session, we look forward to seeing you there.  Please get in touch if you have any questions:  07957 340689  or